346? Really? You're blog is really good girl you deserve a *High Five* aha :)

thanks! :)


So cute šŸ˜©šŸ’•

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Sweet as honey

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"Woman of my own, and tranquil key. No Iā€™m not just ā€˜Lā€™ out of TLC." - Lisa Lopes x Breathe

Left Eye fan art.

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Your blog is probably the best TLC blog on tumblr how many followers do you have?

Really? Wow, thank you. I appreciate that, especially since I’m not on there that often anymore.

I have 346 followers.Ā 

Title: Unpretty
Artist: TLC
Played: 0 times

Unpretty - TLC (FanMail, 1999)

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Title: I'm Good At Being Bad
Artist: TLC
Played: 19 times

I’m Good At Being Bad - TLC (FanMail, 1999)

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Title: FanMail
Artist: TLC
Played: 0 times

FanMail - TLC (FanMail, 1999)

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Can you post some songs of Fanmail that's my fav album :)

Sure! I’ll have some up in a couple minutes or so.